SIXPRO believes in technological development through scientific research. For this reason, we give lectures to universities, participate, promote and publicize events and provide academic licenses so that teachers and students can get closer to the simulation universe.

Lectures for Universities

Sixpro has given technical lectures at some universities, addressing topics related to metal-mechanical manufacturing processes and the application of computer simulation. The goal is to provide students with an introduction to topics and the state of the art in national and international industry. The lectures are held live through videoconference.

Below are some available themes:
Stamping and simulation process
Surface modeling for stamping simulation
Forging and simulation process
Heat treatment and simulation
Simulation of mechanical and metallurgical properties

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Academic Licenses

Sixpro, in partnership with QForm Group, provides academic licenses for professors and students interested in the simulation of mechanical conformation for classes and research.

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Olympiad QForm

Students of mechanical engineering are invited to take part in the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies, which will take place in April, 2021 at universities around the world.
The competition between students will consist of the following parts: participating students will get a drawing of an axisymmetric part after machining and should design the hot forged part and die impression for the final forging and then determine the necessary technological chain for its manufacturing and then simulate the proposed forging process. Also, students can choose an alternative task for developing a technological process of hollow aluminium profile extrusion. Simulation will be performed in QForm software for estimation and verification of the developed technology.

All universities taking part in the Olympiad will get a free 3-month network QForm software license for 3 places to practice before the Olympiad by request. Students could get free QForm Cloud Academic license to use it from home. The universities will also get the solved example from the previous Olympiad for review as well as a training course of simulation in QForm.

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