Manufacturing products and tools have their geometry associated with several changes during product development in order to accommodate functional, aesthetic, manufacturing considerations, etc. OmniCAD can develop tool surfaces and transform and update existing geometry while quickly visualizing the impact of that change.


The investment in OmniCAD software promotes cost reduction and increased productivity in development and production operations that involve changes in the product’s morphology. In addition, at the end of all modifications on the item under study it is obtained a high-quality final surface.

Automotive Industry Applicability

As a dedicated to stamping surface modeling CAD software, OmniCAD has tools such as:

  • Die design;
  • Quality analysis and surface correction;
  • Springback compensator based on try-out or simulation and draw-shell results;
  • Reverse engineering for updating and copying tools.


OmniCAD is a CAD tool and contains in its basic license all necessary commands to create and modify surfaces. In addition, OmniCAD is usually offered in three modules:

  • OmniCAD Mesh Transformer: Module for transforming surfaces from one or two meshes from scanning or simulation.
  • OmniCAD Free Transformer Pack: Module for transforming surfaces from points and/or curves defined by the user.
  • OmniCAD Die Surface Designer: Module for modeling stamping tools.

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