What you will learn:

  • Types of sheet metal forming operations;
  • Typical quality problems in sheet metal forming process;
  • Techniques used to avoid and solve problems;
  • Basic operation of the finite element method and applications;
  • Sheet metal forming simulation phases;
  • Sheet metal forming simulation management, care and limitations
  • Understanding of material tests and other input information;
  • How is the definition of a process in the simulation;
  • Analysis of the simulation results – What is really a problem?;
  • Examples of advanced analysis;
  • Reading and interpretation of reports;
  • How to apply the parameters of the simulations in the try-out;
  • Points of attention in the process with a focus on springback compensation;
  • Springback compensation strategies; 
  • Choice of support and locking points for dimensional control;
  • Springback compensation: case study.


  • Gain knowledge for discussion with suppliers and customers about the simulation;
  • Ability to critically analyze the sheet metal forming reports and the procedures used;
  • Efficient application of simulation parameters to reduce try-outs;
  • Improved work management skills in the construction of sheet metal forming tools.

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