What you will learn:

  • Advantages and applications of parts produced by the hot stamping process;
  • Chemical composition of steels used in the hot stamping process;
  • Metallurgical phenomena involved in the hot stamping process;
  • Coatings applied to hot stamping steels and their characteristics;
  • The hot stamping process and its variants;
  • Types of blank used in hot stamping;
  • Assembly of the hot stamping process in the simulation;
  • Analysis of the results in the simulation at each stage;
  • Prediction of problems through simulation;
  • Process adjustments;
  • Some features in the design of the tools.


  • General understanding of the hot forming process;
  • Gain technical knowledge of an innovative process in the printing area, which is a worldwide trend;
    Ability to identify items where the hot forming process can be applied dering all SIXPRO’s fields of activity, simulation services are in great demand and are aimed at all companies that have processes for manufacturing metal parts.

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